IP Address Administration (Admin Login) is an IP address used by the certain router models that are reserved in the private networks. It is one of the addresses which is called as a private network with 16-bit block address space that is used to connect the devices within the private networks. The 16-bit block address consists of 65,536 addresses that can be used for the small home networks.

The small business or small house network uses this address space to most of the routers which consists of network range of to The Login is mostly used for the broadcast purpose to transfer the data. Thus the default IP address is the most usable address within its range and it is used mostly by the companies, organizations, networks and much more.

The is the reserved IP address that is mostly provided to the many routers which is used to identify the network and also to know which network could not to use. In case, if you given the IP address to your router and that doesn’t work, you have still 253 addresses to use.

Some of the manufacturers of routers will be given the as a default IP address For Netgear Router Login in the hardware settings of devices. Through this IP address, users can get the access into the router internal settings. Most of the routers come with the two common IP address such as or The only difference between these IP addresses and default IP address is the difference in last three digits.

The following are the brands which utilize the 192.168.1254 IP Address

  • Alcatel ADSL Modems
  • Thompson ADSL routers
  • Westell ADSL Modems
  • 3Com routers
  • ADSL billions of routers
  • SRW2023 Linksys switches
  • 2Wire routers
  • TP-Link routers
  • Motorola or Cayman Netopia Internet gateways

The most commonly used default usernames and passwords are:

  • Username: "admin", "user", or blank
  • Password: "admin", "user", "password", or blank
  • Username: "admin" or "admin"
  • Password: "admin" or "password"
  • Username:  "admin" or blank
  • Password: "password", "motorola", "admin", "router", or blank
  • Username: "admin"
  • Password: "1234", "admin",  "password" or blank
  • Username:  blank
  • Password:  blank

Default Username and Password

Most of the routers that uses IP address have to use the username as admin and password as admin.

  • Thomas and Alcatel routers use the Administrator as username and password will be left blank.
  • OvisLink modems or routers use “admin” as username and airlive as the password.
  • Netopia routers use admin/admin as username and admin/1234 as the password.

In case if you forgot your router username and password, you can try the following combinations which might help you to retrieve the username and password.

  • Username – Admin, Password – Admin
  • Username – Root, Password – Admin
Final verdict

Hope you guys got the enough information about the IP address admin login details. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to drop them in the comment box below.